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GovEngine.com is dedicated to promoting e-Government initiatives and interconnectivity between the federal, state and local levels of government with the citizens of Our Great Nation. GovEngine's goal is to provide to the citizens of the United States of America an educational awareness and broadened understanding of online government accessibility and to emphasize the communication and cooperation between all branches and levels of government with the public. With over 17,000 federal, state, and local governmental links in our database, we take away the confusion and often labor intensive exercise of finding your official governmental portal, all in less than three clicks. In the age of digital information, GovEngine recognizes that America's evolving e-Government is vital to better connecting, protecting and serving Our Citizenry successfully into the future. GovEngine.com does not cookie implementation script, malicious HTML coding, or in-framing of off-site resources of any kind whatsoever.

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